Tulare County Federal Credit Union established the first on-campus financial institution at Porterville High School in August of 2015. This was accomplished through the collaboration between the Partnership Academy of Business (PAB) and Tulare County Federal Credit Union (TCFCU). This branch is run by Junior and Senior students who are a part of PAB. As Student Financial Service Representative’s (SFSR’s) the students are trained and trusted to perform financial transactions and other services for on-campus members. As SFSR’s, they go through teller training, take on the responsibility  of the branch’s marketing promotions, and handle various social media accounts. This high school branch has been a hands-on learning environment for students, introducing them to financial responsibilities and preparing them to make critical financial decisions in the future.

Vision Statement

To prepare a new generation of financially responsible individuals by increasing their knowledge of money management, financial products, and services through the operation of our on-campus student-run credit union.

Mission Statement 

“Building valuable relationships with our members to create lifelong financial success”

Service Promises

Here at Tulare Federal, these are our daily promises to you:

  • I promise to earn your trust and keep it
  • I promise to make it easy to do business with it
  • I promise to treat you as an honored guest
  • I promise to take ownership at your request
  • I promise to respond to your request in a timely manner
  • I promise to identify your needs and suggest a solution that will improve your financial life
  • I promise to show my appreciation for allowing me to serve you